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   sanying precision instruments co., ltd (stock code: 839222) is the leading professional 3d imaging equipment manufacturer that possesses independent intellectual property rights, and dedicates to the research and development of 3d x-ray microscope, x-ray online test and industrial high-resolution ct.

   sanying precision instruments co., ltd  was identified as national level high-tech and scientific middle and small-sized enterprises, and was affirmed by iso09001:2008 quality management system. company is star enterprise in tianjin, and with advanced management concept and abundant research and development strength, company became postdoctoral center.

   sanying precision instruments co., ltd  believes in “technical innovation, precision manufacture”, and attempts to build a high-end scientific platform for micro-nano meter non-destructive testing. we focus on providing inspection equipment and services for engineering applications, scientific research and advanced manufacture in the fields of oil, geology and bio-science etc.