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scientific and technological innovation is endless, and a new journey ahead


on november 28, 2018, the first "silicon valley star" hebei innovation and entrepreneurship competition was held in luquan silicon valley science park - silicon valley (shijiazhuang) innovation center. after a series of fierce contests, such as on-site defense, expert questioning and on-site scoring, tianjin sanying precision instrument co., ltd. has won the championship of this competition, and will compete with six domestic winners who have won the second and third prizes for the first "silicon valley star" innovation and entrepreneurship competition american final championship with the american team.

 the star innovation competition is an important event held simultaneously in silicon valley of the united states and shijiazhuang of china across the pacific ocean to encourage and promote scientific and technological innovation between china and the united states. the competition covers eight fields: artificial intelligence, big data, smart city, big health, internet of things, cloud computing, energy saving and environmental protection, intelligent equipment, etc. through holding competitions, beijing-tianjin-hebei-silicon valley integration service 5.0 (tis5.0), the latest technology integration service platform, has been established, and a full-chain dual venture capital and financing service system has been constructed.

sanying precision instruments co., ltd. has won the championship of this domestic competition with high resolution x-ray three-dimensional micro-ct technology and its equipment. it is highly recognized and supported by experts and users in domestic and foreign industries. the company is committed to the research and development and application of micro-nano scale in the field of three-dimensional non-destructive testing, and provides powerful scientific research and production guarantee for petroleum exploration and development, new energy, electronic technology, functional materials, life sciences, medical diagnosis and other fields with independent research and development level and global standards for excellence.

with scientific and technological innovation and elaborate manufacturing, sanying precision will continue to uphold this objective, as always, through continuous technological innovation, leading china's high-end equipment to the world, making chinese manufacturing into chinese creation, and chinese products into chinese brands.