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nanovoxel 2000
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    nanovoxel 2000 series breached the constraints of traditional optical microscope, sem and tem. with world-leading spatial resolution and contrast, this system can analysis the inner micro-structure of sample. the original structure can be retained by using this equipment and the detector system can satisfy different requirements of spatial resolution. the scanned 3d data can provide high resolution 3d/4d solutions.

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  • scanning software has various functions: automatic calibration, self-recording and acquiring test parameters and batched scanning.

  • artefacts such as ring and hardening can be efficiently removed by reconstruction software, iterative reconstruction algorithm in this software can perform the reconstruction by using low-dosage scanning data, moreover, many image processing methods can improve image quality;

  • ball and stick model can be obtained for analysis of the pore-throat structure by our sypicore software.

  • based on the different calculation modules, powerful 3d analysis software can perform comprehensive analysis of the 3d volume data such as pore/particles module, thickness analysis module, measure and actual value comparison module and structure connectivity module etc.

  • numerical simulation function can calculate the physical property parameters such as permeability, thermal and electrical conductivity.

  • volume data can be converted into stl or iges data type which can be imported into 3d graphic software (cad and solidworks) and simulation software (ansys and comsol).