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nanovoxel 4000
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    nanovoxel 4000 series is a high power micro-ct system by using high voltage x-ray source (225kv, 240 kv and 300 kv are optional) with micro focal spot and highly sensitive detector including different kinds of big size panel detectors and lens coupling ccd. this series can extend the test range of nanovoxel-2000 and nanovoxel-3000 especially enhance the detection capability of metal samples with high density. sub-micron spatial resolution (≤0.5μm) can also obtained by this system. based on the powerful performance, nanovoxel-4000 series can become the efficient equipment in the field of industry and scientific research.


  • large cabient space for big size sample and in situ experiment appliance;

  • sub-micron spatial resolution (≤0.5μm) for the fine test of micro-structure;

  • high penetrating power (equivalent steel thickness (40-53)mm) for the high efficient test of the high density and large size sample;

  • cad data matching, geometrical shape of the complicated structure can be 3d measurement.