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   mainly basing on study of microscopic pore structure and seepage, digital rock physics is an emerging rock physics, applying in the field of energy and mineral resources. in recent years, because of micro-nanoimaging technology, the microscopic pore structure can be expressed directly in digital image. and digital rock becomes an practical application technology from theoretical research tool. using digital rock physics, rock characteristic parameters are calculated and the seepage characteristics simulation is done. focusing on improving recovery efficiency, digital rock physics commits to providing faster and more accurate solutions.


core digital analysis process


analysis of the content

   we provide test analytical techniques and instrumentation for exploration and development of oil and gas. through full diameter core ct – micro/nano ct, cross scale/high resolution, and 3d scanning is done. high-performance server helps to calculate pole structure and real interface interaction, focusing on precise calculation of rock physical properties, which will guide and evaluate three mining, fracturing and acidizing design.

  • description of core geological


  • statistics of rock micro characteristics 

  • basic physical parameters of oil layer 

  • situ contrast of fracturing acidification 

  • study on body characteristics of oil and


  • seepage simulation of large scale fluid 

  • study on geological engineering

  • construction of data core library