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aerospace material


aerospace parts


   it can be used for the 

evaluation of welding quality of parts,non destructive inspection of internal stomatal defects, 

shrinkage of welding roots, 

crack shape and size, etc.

  it can be used to locate the 

position of holes in the process of casting, and obtain the size, 

shape and other information of 

defects. obtain the structure 

size of the castings, compared with the design size, and 

analyze the errors.


  after gotten the internal 

dimensional of engine vane by ct, finite element analysis and 

simulation study can be carried out.

   it can be used to observe 

distribution of internal adhesives and cracks in connection 

between resin, plastic and 

composite materials. and 

provide strong support for

welding technology assessment.

   get the inner 3d structure of components, including porosity, crack, more/less tin, wire bonding defects such as bad information. so it is an important nondestructive image detection means in the electronic components failure analysis.