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3d printing
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    with the rapid development of modern manufacturing industry, 3d printing technology becomes an important means. meanwhile, computed tomography (ct) is being used in more and more areas, including 3d printing.

    by using ct technology, the 3d reconstruction image of a sample can be gotten. then the image will be converted to stl format.  and this format can be used in 3d printing directly.


    apply 3d printing technology into medical science. scan tooth by ct, and manufacture a new tooth by 3d printing. 


    apply 3d printing technology into fossil research. making a new fossil by ct and 3d printing can avoid possibly damaging to the original fossil, and can help human to study it better.


reverse engineering

  •    combining 3d printing and ct can be used

  • into reverse engineering field. this will provide

  • inner structure of sample non-destructively and

  • reverse reduction rapidly. applying in many fields, such as, 3d printing manufacture, metrology,

  • system assembly precision detection, and system failure detection.


comparison of  3d printing and design sample (red represents 

positive error, and blue represents negative error)