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development of oil and gas fields
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(1)high resolution image acquisition and processing of multi-scale digital rock

(2)assessment of oil damage

(3)observation oil and water distribution law and dynamic imaging

1、multi-scale 3d data acquisition and folding technology of rocks cross-scale study:

   multi-scale continuous high-resolution 3d data acquisition of rock digital volume has broken conventional model, which needs to destroy the rock and extract sample to observe. using of 3d data acquisition, scanning the full diameter rock can help to analyze its anisotropy, distinguish and describe primary fracture, and quantitatively calculate microcrack. in addition, using images is contribute to distinguish different structures, and calculate cracks and holes of every lithofacies. so the next location which needs to be studied further is confirmed. 


2、evaluation of oil damage

   reservoir acidification can improve the recovery rate of oil and gas. the types of complex types in the rock of reservoir rock are complex. the behavior is variable and the storage condition is different. and the phenomenon of metasomatism and compaction is widespread. however, interstitial material in the rock has high correlation with oil and gas output. therefore, it is very important to test it qualitatively and quantitatively, and display its 3d structure. using high resolution x-ray 3d microscope analyzing a certain type of clay or carbonate cements quantitatively in 3d space can be realized. combining with different acid solution, researchers can observe and evaluate acidizing effect directly.

3、oil and water distribution law, dynamic imaging observation


4、simulation and analysis oil-waterdisplacement

   researching on changes of rock wettability in oil and water displacement process, and distribution and variation of oily water in the porous medium, from the micro perspective, will be helpful to understand the displacement mechanism more deeply. through micro ct loading displacement device, the process of oil and water changing can be observed directly. the application effect of all kinds of oil displacement agent can also be studied. in turn to evaluate each kind of rock displacement mechanism and direct production.